Lev Pitaevskii
Soliton dynamics in a trapped condensate

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Using controlling chaos technique to suppress self-modulation in a delayed feedback traveling wave tube oscillator

Techniques for Generation of Terahertz Radiation

A. Kamchatnov
Wave Patterns In Supersonic Flow Of Bose-Einstein Condensate Past An Obstacle

Y. Stepanyants and G. H. Yeoh
Bathtub Vortices In The Liquid Discharging From The Bottom Orifice Of A Cylindrical Vessel

L. A. Ostrovsky
Radiation Force, Shear Waves, And Medical Ultrasound

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X-ray Generation in Plasma Using Laser-Accelerated Electrons

H. Carmichael
Quantum Stochastic Heating of a Trapped Ion

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Toward multi-petawatt laser based on chirped pulse optical parametric amplification