All foreign participants will require a visa. To issue the official letters of invitation, which are necessary to obtain Russian visas, the Organizing Committee will need the following information:

  • full name as per passport
  • date of birth (day, month, year)
  • place of birth (city, country)
  • citizenship
  • passport number
  • date of issue
  • passport expiry date (please, note that the date has to be at least six months later than the date of planning end of the visit)
  • place of employment (full name, address, tel., fax)
  • position
  • dates of stay in Russia (arrival/departure)
  • place of getting visa (the city where the Russian Consulate is situated)
  • copy of passport (pages containing personal data, passport number, expiry date); scanned pages sent by e-mail are preferable; copies sent by fax are accepted if there is no opportunity to scan the needed pages
  • mailing address (please specify also a valid telephone number corresponding to this address)

    It is very important that both participants and accompanying persons should apply for visas of a business type, not tourist. If one arrives on a tourist visa, he/she may not be admitted by the  border police because the purpose of the trip (participation in a conference) is essentially business and does not correspond to the tourist visa type. Furthermore, with a tourist visa the Organizing Committee will not be able to process a participant/accompanying person’s registration at the local police (registration is required for all foreign citizens staying in Russia for more than three days). Failure to present a valid registration, especially at the border of your departure from Russia, may cause problems, such as fine, detention, and/or no further admittance to Russia.