Dear Colleague,

It is our great personal privilege and pleasure, as Conference Chairmen, to inform you about the Third International Conference "Frontiers of Nonlinear Physics" and to invite you to attend it and to make it a great scientific event. The Conference will be held on board a comfortable boat cruising along the Volga river from Nizhny Novgorod to Saratov and back from July 3 through July 9, 2007.

Nizhny Novgorod
the Volga river

Like the two previous FNP conferences held in 2001 and 2004, FNP 2007 will be focused on the hot topics of nonlinear dynamics and its most advanced applications to physical systems of different origins. Our previous conferences clearly demonstrated that, in spite of wide diversity of the specific problems and their origins, nonlinear physics still unifies the interrelated fields of modern science. Nonlinear approaches and techniques provide a powerful research tool to study different processes ranging, as an example, from nonlinearities in laser-matter interactions to nonlinear phenomena in the upper ocean or in the astrophysical objects.

Coming back to the last FNP 2004 Conference ( www.fnp2004.sci-nnov.ru ), we would like to emphasize the set of its focus issues such as coherent quantum phenomena at extremely low temperatures and Bose-Einstein condensation; nonlinear physics of the ultrahigh-power laser and microwave systems; nonlinear phenomena in high-energy plasma, quantum control of the molecular and electronic dynamics; gamma-ray optics and recent efforts towards gamma-lasers; weak turbulence, flows and solitons in fluid dynamics; freak waves in the upper ocean; and nonlinear phenomena in ultrasound waves. Total 180 scientists from 16 countries took part in the Conference. The plenary talks (total 19) were given by world-famous experts and provided a good opportunity to catch up the most recent results and trends from neighboring areas. In spite of the limited number of participants, most of the key problems of modern nonlinear physics were presented convincingly. A nice opportunity for a broad exchange of knowledge from different fields and the informal atmosphere of the river cruise itself stimulated, no doubt, new links between scholars. This positive experience is a good stimulus for us to hold the next FNP Conference as a multi-topical meeting aimed at discussing the state-of-the-art in the studies of nonlinear phenomena of a broad nature.

We also schedule a special program of sightseeing in the Russian historical centers on the cruise route and also a set of social events. The prospective boat is a comfortable 4-deck river liner, and the route itself is expected to be extremely picturesque thanks to the Volga landscapes.

If you intend to take part in the Conference and if it does not interfere with your schedule for the next year, please fill in and return to us the enclosed Pre-registration Form.

We are looking forward to seeing you at FNP 2007.

Conference Chairmen

Alexander Litvak
Institute of Applied Physics
Russian Academy of Science
Nizhny Novgorod

Vladimir Zakharov
Lebedev Physical Institute
Russian Academy of Science